PRL says

Sobre esta questão de uma introdução adequada em seminários e artigos, fundamental em nossos dias de frenética especialização, encontrei mensagem bastante esclarecedora dos editores da PRL (eles devem estar insatisfeitos, está na primeira página da revista...). Veja aqui o texto intitulado "The Aim of a Good Introduction". A seguir as principais dicas:

1. The introduction should interest people outside the subfield in reading the article. Because it is directed at nonspecialists, it should have a minimum of jargon and acronyms.

2. It should describe the background and history of the problem or research goal addressed in the article. It should explain the importance of this research and of the results being reported, as well as any relevance they have to other areas of physics (“The work described here is motivated by...”).

3. A well organized introduction starts with the general discussion described in point (2) and ends with a brief description of the specific results presented (“In this Letter we show...”). Discussions of technical details should be reserved for the main text.